Script available for % Inc/Dec all pricing

Ok fellow cs-cart users. I recently had a request for help raising or lowering all my prices by %. The thing is, I wanted the price to show up before adding it to the cart, so the site visitors can see the price. No one seemed to have a solution. Or everybody was still full from Christmas and New Years dinner.

So I had my programmer write a script to do just that. It is independent of cs-cart, and does not affect your database.

Here’s how it works. You simply upload the script to a folder.

There is a backend page where you can input the percentage up or down that you want your prices to go. i.e., 10%. So if you want to increase your prices by 10%, then just put 10% in and voila! It is done.

Then if you decide to go back to your MSRP price, or last updated price, then you click a button and voila. It is undone.

The reset to MSRP/last updated price was put in so that if you wanted to increase or decrease again, you would do that from the original price, not the newly adjusted price.

This tool works great if you want to do a bulk increase or decrease on all your prices within 5 seconds.

The only disadvantage is if you have alot of MAP pricing on your site, you would need to go in and readjust these prices back to MAP via cart admin. The tool will not exclude certain products.

If anyone is interested in a copy of this for yourself, I would appreciate a small payment of $10 via paypal.

Simply send the payment to and put in the description of payment: CS-cart % tool. Be sure to include your e-mail address so I will know where to send it.


Bryan R.

ver 1.3.5 sp3