Scan Tracking Info Into Cs-Cart Backend Using Iphone?

My wife does all the shipping of orders. Every package gets a tracking label, whether it’s UPS or USPS, domestic and international. Everything.

That’s in the morning. Later in the day, I enter all those tracking numbers into the CS-Cart backend on my laptop. Manually. One by one.

What about the possibility for my wife to scan the barcode on each tracking label with her iPhone and have an app that would automatically put that into the cart backend with no typing?

Is there an app for that? It would be really cool, a huge timesaver.


A UPS API Addon like shippingkit used to support on 2.2.4 is what is needed for the 4.X branch of CS-Cart, shippingkit did it for 2.2.4 so I don't know why it's so difficult for 4.X. We used their shipping addons and with 1 click it generated labels, billed our UPS account and transferred all the tracking information to CS-Cart. Sounds like it's time to finally get this done for 4.X - Sno

We've used the UPS addon from and it works great. Hopefully we were hear news from them soon. I have contacted them a couple of times since mid December and have not heard back to see if they are going to update it and others. Unfortunately we never did get their USPS addon to work. We could not get it to print the shipping labels. Since we ship so many packages via USPS we still use to import the orders in to Quickbooks. From there we print the labels and copy them in to CS as we ship each package.

We've been trying to contact Shipping Kit to find out if they are going to support CS-Cart 4.0, have not heard anything yet.

Can't you just put them in a csv and import them? I believe both UPS and USPS can generate CSV of order_id → tracking_number.

If not, it's not a huge job to build a quick import that would do so for you.

You could also use a bar code scanner to read the labels into the fields when you are shipping them. A bar code scanner is nothing more than an I/O device and it speeds up the data entry.

But, the label must be present so the additional benefit is that you have a reason to have HER update the Shipments!

is there any way to put shipping tracking number barcode on invoice and packing slips