Saving Credit Cards and recalling them is not smooth


Well, I was incorrect about #1 in that bug post but everything else is spot on.

In short, when saving a credit card it does not check for proper dates, you can enter any positive number for months and years. While years, who cares, but having 99 for a month is not cool.

Another annoyance is that you can chose what CC to use only from the profile. That sucks, once you realize you got a wrong CC selected you have to go back to profile, select a proper card and then go back to checkout and redo the whole thing, hopefully you chose the correct CC this time…

It does not stop here. Once you go to the profile and choose that CC that you want, you have to press SAVE. Not a big problem but it does send you an email that your profile was changed and it is irrelevant to the choice of the credit card, well, you did not change anything but the choice of the credit card to use and it is sending you an email about your name, address, etc but nothing about the credit card. Well, it just puzzling as a whole.

Like most stores, they don’t save CCV2 number, it has to be re-entered again each time you check out with a saved CC. And, there is no bank phone number field. Just saying it does NOT fit our purposes.

Well, what do you think?

Seems like this code works if you want to use CCV2 only during check out but not saving:

cc.tpl → Put a controller check around the CCV2. Good thing that it also allows to save with blank CCV2, removes the required field from the js check.

```php {if $controller==“checkout”}


{/if} ```