Saved Orders Page Smarty Debug Console Alert Window


I am testing my site and when I go to my saved orders page I get a window that pops up in Firefox that says:

[size=3]Smarty Debug Console - “tygh:addons/my_site/overrides…”[/size]

[size=3]assigned template variables[/size]

Underneath that is a long list of code.

Does anyone know what that is?



After researching I guess it's part of the cs-cart backened settings. When I went in there the “Template debugging console” was NOT checked. So doesn't that mean it's OFF not ON?

If so why would I be getting a pop up alert if it's OFF (not checked)?



If the Smarty debug console appears when the Template debugging console option is disabled, try clearing the template cache of your store.

I hope this will help.

Thanks for the tip,


Also verify there is no {debug} tag in the template file. Could be a leftover…

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You are welcome!