Save And Close

I could miss, get used to it...product code field from products... but i really need SAVE & CLOSE bottom from product page :(

i can put it back ?!



{if !$hide_second_button && $cancel_action != "close"}
        {include file="buttons/button.tpl" but_text=$but_label2 but_role=$but_role but_name=$but_name but_meta="cm-save-and-close btn-primary `$but_meta`" but_onclick=$but_onclick allow_href=true}


        {assign var="skip_or" value=true}

The clear cache and check

I love you ! :grin:

You are welcome! :)

And "product code" field can be added back ?!


Try to replace




(!) Not tested

Works !

Thanks a lot

Look at 4.9 sp3

don`t work changes for product code field

Works for me. Do you use addon for non-responsive admin panel?

In this case changes should be made here


No... i don`t use old admin panel

But i have ULTIMATE version (multistore)

May be some other 3rd party addons overrides this template?

I use addon only from ECL

But for other friends (other version 4.82) this change worked

now working

was just the cache

sometime to click "clear cache" is not anough

I open and close "Rebuild cache automatically"

and now works

Thank you for keeping us updated