Same product from different suppliers

How can we import same product from the different suppliers’ xmls?

If we import it with the same product id the old will be lost and the other supplier’s info will be overwritten.That’s not good,

If we import it with a different product code, double products will be shown in the storefront?

How can we solve this problem? We’re supplying same products from different vendors and we’re merging their product details,descriptions etc also the most important thing is we need to see both suppliers’ prices and we will order the product from the cheapest one.

Any idea? Thanks.

Unfortunately it is a design flaw in the way they handle products. Everything is done by product_id versus produc_code except for import.


So: do you have any solution to get the prices of the same products from the different suppliers?

For example for books department,all cs-cart owners use only 1 supplier for all books.How they’re doing if the supplier is out of stock or how about if the other suppliers give us the cheaper prices for only some of the books.We need to use both of them.

Waiting for the ideas pls.

No clue. Like I said, it’s a design flaw.

You might be able to fool things by having a hidden product from your secondary supplier with a different product_code that you can substitute in the order if the primary supplier is out of stock.

OK. This is a design flaw.However,except the double products in the storefront, how the store owners get the price and other info about the same products from the different suppliers?

It will also become a double record in the back-end.Cs-Cart supplier addon can be helpful for us?We can reach to somewhere by using it?

Thank you all,

any help ??

You can duplicate the product code but product_id’s must be unique. Hence if someone searched for the XYZ Widget and there were two entries for it (two product_id’s) even if they have all the exact same info, it will show two products.

I would use the internal inventory mechanisms to determine if one or both are displayed depending on inventory levels. I.e. if you had a preferred supplier and if they have the item, you want to use them, then I’d make force the quantity for the other supplier to zero.

But that’s a lot of monitoring and work. There is no way for the cart to know that the products are indeed the same and that one should have preference over the other (that I’m aware of).

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