Sales Tax on Cart Page

My business is located in Florida so I charge tax to Florida shipping addresses. When in the shopping cart, if I am logged into an account and I estimate the shipping and use a Florida address it also puts the sales tax into the totals box calculations. This is perfect. However, when I am not logged in and I estimate the shipping for a Florida address it does not put the sales tax in the totals box.

Can someone double check this on their install, with whatever tax rules you have. This seems like a mistake in the design to me that it wouldn’t give the tax rate for a non-logged in user on the cart page, or perhaps it could be an issue with my install.

In Design->Appearance settings, check “Estimate taxes using default address on cart/checkout pages”.


Thanks, I misunderstood what that feature did. I figured it was just to always show tax based on the stores address.

A side question:

Is there a way to always show a default shipping rate (that is until they estimate another shipping method)?