'Sales Reports' suddenly stopped working?

Hi -

Our new CS-Cart shop has been running without problem for a month now - and I have made no changes to any settings or files in the past 2 or 3 weeks…

Up until late last week the ‘Sales Reports’ were working fine - however all of a sudden they stopped working (when I click on the link to Sales Reports - the page doesn’t load… the loader graphic just spins and spins… but nothing happens)…

Not sure if this info is relevant - but just incase:

We have approx 2100 products

Approx 1500 order records

1300 customers

Databse is currently 41.5Mb (we are using $config[‘cache_backend’] = ‘sqlite’; setting in config.local.php)

CS-Cart 2.1.4

I wondered if it could be a cpu issue on the server - but there have been no dramatic changes in number of products or orders so I’m not sure if that could suddenly make a difference??



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