Sales Report Taking Forever & Needs Reseting

If you have run a cs-cart site for awhile you will eventually set the dates really far apart on a sales report and your server will slow to a crawl and the report will take forever! Unfortunately cs-cart remembers this setting forever so even if you close the web browser and come back then it starts all over AUTOMATICALLY! So I asked technical support how to reset this. Here is there answer…

UPDATE `cscart_sales_reports` SET `period` = 'D';
```<br />
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Worked like a champ and I had to post this one so I would never loose it.<br />
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Thanks!<br />
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…sorry to sound dumb - but where exactly do you enter this text?:

[font=“monospace”][size=“2”][color=“#000000”]UPDATE [/color][color=“#008800”]cscart_sales_reports[/color][color=“#000000”] SET [/color][color=“#008800”]period[/color] [color=“#666600”]=[/color] [color=“#008800”]'D'[/color][color=“#666600”]; [/color][/size][/font]


[font=“monospace”][size=“2”][color=“#666600”] is it within the Mysql database itself?



ahh found it - it was in the Mysql…

all is working again now… thanks

Im basically a newie with mysql. Do i just enter

[color=“#000000”]UPDATE [/color][color=“#008800”]cscart_sales_reports[/color][color=“#000000”] SET [/color][color=“#008800”]period[/color] [color=“#666600”]=[/color] [color=“#008800”]'D'[/color][color=“#666600”];[/color]

into the query

I can't seem to run my reports anymore either. I'm not for sure what is being explained here either. I've gone in to the cpanel, phpmyadmin to try to find where to set the file but no luck. Do I need to run a query like mrmem is saying?