sale affecting promo

We have a continuous promotion, where if they spend $150 or more, they get a free product.

We also currently have a 50% off sale for Black Friday, but the promo is being added to carts on orders of $75 or more. Wouldn’t the promo still be based on an order of $150 or more? How do I fix this?

This is one of the issues with how promotions are calculated. They are deducted off the original price, not off the new total price of higher priority promotions. What you will have to do is, adjust the $150 for a free product to $300 in the backend. This, combined with your 50% off will make the free product available at the $150. This is assuming that you have 50% off everything, if not, then this won’t work.

No I don’t have the 50% off of everything. I made it a category discount & selected all but 3 categories, one being the free promo category I created.

If the only category/products to get the free item at $150 is also getting the 50% off, then you can do what I suggested and make it $300 in the backend for the free item.