Sagepay Form V3

Hi All,

It's come to my attention that the SagePay Form method is old (2.x) and therefore will not work.

Any intentions of updating this in the core? Seems silly to offer it when it's not useable in the current state.

Sage Pay 3.00 is now required as older versions (2.22 and 2.23 - as used by cs-cart) will cease to operate from July 2015, leaving you (certainly me!) with no payment option from them. Are cs-cart going to incorporate soon, as I may have to look at creating a brand new cart and would like to stick with cs-cart where possible.

I've just come across this, and it's of some concern. Are CS Cart planning on upgrading SagePay form to support the new protocol before the July 2015 deadline? ()

I'm aware that “SagePay Direct” is also offered, but that requires far more complex and secure setup (as apparently everything goes through your server) and requires having the server audited for PCI compliance.

Apparently, there is (or was) also a “SagePay Server” that embeds the process in an iframe (i.e. on their site but it appears within your site). But that isn't listed on CS Cart- maybe it isn't supported?

AFAICT, “Sage Payment Solutions” is something different and not related to SagePay.

While we're here, note also that SagePay's test environment already requires v3.00 and won't support older versions. (Quote from Sage I came across elsewhere after a web search:- “we are only accepting v3.00 in the test environment when using Form Integration”). This explains why I couldn't get it to work, even though July is still almost four months away.

) BTW, though I've come across “July 2015” elsewhere, I can't find anywhere that Sage themselves say that…?

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Yeah July is the date, and I have reported this to bug tracker last week, it is confirmed and they are on it

Is there any update on this, as my client has been contacted by Sage and he is worried about now being unable to take payments.

Please monitor this issue:

Its being tested as we speak