Sagepay Form 5030 error


I’m trying to setup Sagepay form on a website for a client but I keep getting this message…

Status Detail: 5030 : Unable to decrypt the request message. This might be caused by an incorrect password or invalid encoding.

The client sent over the sagepay details:

Sage Pay Vendor Name

My Sage Pay Admin Password

I tried these and they don’t work. I then wondered if the details needed to be the user account name and password so tried them and I still get the error.

No matter which way I try I keep getting the same error message. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I too have this error.

Did you ever get a resolution?


Yep eventually got this resolved. The client had given me the Merchant Number rather than the encryption code.

To get the encryption code you or your client need to login to this page:


Once you get the encryption code to get sagepay working you need to first set up the live test area and do a transaction using their test card details (available on the sagepay site here: [url][/url]) once you have purchased an item you then need to login to the Sagepay test admin area and do a refund. Once this is working OK sagepay should switch the live server on although I have now done two sites that use sagepay and I have had to email them each time to get them to switch to the live server.

They recommend that you do a few transactions using real cards and make sure the money goes into the designated bank account and also do a refund.

Hope this helps.