Sage X3 Erp Integration

is it possible to integrate cs-cart ultimate with sage x3 erp?

we are looking to use cs-cart for just online order capture (b2b only).

the order data will then be sent to sage x3 and processed.

we would then need the completed order data sent back to cs-cart for user reference.

all inventory data will be pulled from sage x3 and maybe have the data transfer in real time or at set intervals through out the day.

it needs to be multi store/warehouse with restricted access to the site for registered users only.

if anyone knows of possible solutions (custome api through cs-cart) or what way to go with this it would be great, thanks.

If you provide us with the integration manuals for developers, we can examine they and provide you with the quote

With Sage X3 you will run into this problem:

But there is a new version coming in March with new Product Options architecture that addresses this problem.