Safe Yet To Go From 4.3.3 To 4.3.4?

After upgrading to 4.3.3 from 4.2.4 we experienced some problems which appeared to be bugs, one almost surely so as it is similar to a known bug. The problems are real but not debilitating and the site is not crippled. However some will encounter them and we want to always have a professional image. Support recommended going to 4.3.4 before proceeding with troubleshooting, which suggests we were on the right track. Looking at threads about upgrading, I'm very cautious about possibly jumping from the frying pan into the fire and getting a new problem which we don't have time to deal with now. Before deciding on whether to go for it now or wait a bit, I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who recently had a nice, smooth upgrade to 4.3.4. Thanks for any insights.

I have the same question as you have merchantman. We went fresh from V4.3.3 and now see that the V4.3.3 SP1. is ready to be installed. I am not sure if we should do that. Perhaps we should.

Note that 4.3.5 will be release soon. We suggest you to wait for the new release, check feedback on this forum and make the descision