Safari, jQuery & Zoom Plugin


I have a small issue with jQuery on Safari (Mac OSX 10.6) - the page loads fine under Firefox (Mac) and Internet Explorer (Win) but has to be refreshed to work properly in Safari…


If you hover over the image it is meant to show a magnified version to the right hand side - which works on the first page load on all browsers except Safari on the Mac.

You have to refresh the page to get it to work under safari.

Any Ideas,


Tried checking Z-Index?

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]Tried checking Z-Index?[/QUOTE]

I will look into it but all I see on the page is a white box with the image offset by the wrong amount if I inspect the element - If I alter the elements offset the image moves into position for some reason the jqzoom plugin is getting sent the wrong data from the page when first loading or the image.tpl is sending the wrong image size through to the script maybe ?

Its driving me insane… has anyone else incorporated an image magnification into any of their sites ?