S.O.S My storefront (homepage) not loading correct

I’m using community edition 2.2.1 my site is www.qshop.gr, suddenly after no change made, the homepage will not load correctly, some images won’t load, emenu will break down, sometimes even all graphics break down and there is no way to describe it how it looks (mostly you can see is text, with no graphics) and have to do multiple refreshes to get it right and even then not all the times. This happens in all browsers (FF, Chrome, IE). The rest of the site is working normal but this is annoying as customers are calling and saying they cannot view it. Even in the admin panel I have to refresh to get logged in.

Any Ideas Please?

Any help will be very much appreciated.


*** My database size has been decreased in size!!!

I have taken a screenshot if that helps!



You site is slow but works

Thanks for that! I know its slow, can you please let me know what browser u r using?

I think i figured out why my DB went from 43MB to 12MB, i have cleared the logs, is this possible?

Im using FF11

you have cleared your browsercache and from rhe cs-cart? /admin.php?cc

Yes i have done that!

clreaing logs and stats will reduce the db significantly, Site loads Ok for me here in UK


Thanks mate!

Any Ideas?

It's working, but the site is extremely slow.

any idea how to get it to go faster?

try changing your emenu to dynamic

I know that will give it a kick, but I like emenu!