S.e.o/S.e.f/ And long tail keywords(phrases)


I’m optimizing a cs cart store for the search engines.I’ve been reading the forums of Cs community and i found that the main issue is SEF.Everyone talks about SEF as it was SEO.Look,i’m not the s.e.o guru,but with my studies in the topic,what i found,is that the most important for s.e.o is to find right long tail keywords(phrases) and internal and external link building.

So i would like to have some advice regarding this side of s.e.o,not including s.e.f ,that best suits CS cart.

You want to be competitive with other sites that sell the same or similar products so you Google some of your keywords and/or phrases and you see that you are not on the first 5 pages. So, who is #1 and #2 but not for the paid inclusions.

Open the site that is #1 and view the page source. First look at the Title Tag because keywords are not as important to Google as the Title and site content. Next look at the indexed content and match it against your own.

You should be able to see where your site needs improvement in order to compete with the #1 site.

The rest is trial and error using

tags, internal links, great content and especially title tags for your images as this can help enormously.

As for external links, I used to consider them important but I think PR is a myth and SEO concepts such as articles and links from relevant forums can do just as much, if not better for you.

hi Roban,

thanks for the tips.I have a little plan in my mind,so i will tell you briefly,and let’s see what you think about it.

the site i want to optimize is composed of 19 categories,wich contains multiple products.I’ve been in other forums,especific for seo,and they told me that it’s really hard to optimize a site that is composed of many different products.So my idea is to develop the site optimization based in only 5 categories.

the idea for on page optimization:

1.study this 5 products keywords,looking for long tail keywords.eg “buy the best red widgets uk”,“cheap blue widget uk”,“purchase yellow widget london”.

2.optimize home page for this 5 products with few phrases

3.insert this phrases in the title tag of the respective products and categories

4.insert those phrases in the meta description and inside product page description

about internal link biulding

5.create anchor text with this keyword phrases,and insert in the product descriptions of ALL the other products that are NOT INCLUDED in the optimization

what you think?:rolleyes:

Sounds like a plan and any plan is a good one. Try to stay away from words like ‘the’, ‘and’, and the rest of these and keep your phrases to 7 words or less.

Visit [url]http://www.google.com/sktool/#[/url] and see what the competition is paying for your words. This way you can further narrow your choices. For instance you don’t want to try to rank well for a word that has a high volume of searches but also has a PPC of $25.00 because you will not be competitive. This is where the research and testing comes in.

Put your web site in the search at the Google site to see what your key words are now.