Running website on wamp

I want to run my website to test it on wamp. If I download my website to the www folder of the wamp, I will able to run it? It will be fully functional?

Cs-Cart Pro 2.1.3

sure, just make the appropriate adjustments in config.local.php for the http_host, https_host, db_name, db_user and db_password to match your new environment. Also check the .htaccess file and make any needed adjustments to it (if you'd made any in your other copy of your store).

I copied the website to the www folder of wamp and I edited the settings in config.local.php but every time it says “error occured” when I'm trying to run the website from my HDD. When I Install the Cs-cart to the wamp and uploading the database I can view the frontpage and the admin page, but the site isn't fully accessible (no product page works, because it says that this url cannot be found).