Running Live Help on iPhone

I thought this could be pretty cool for people who can’t be connected to Live Chat all the time and would like to be able to do so on the go. iPhone apparently can run Windows XP via Parallels (, this means pretty much that you can install Live Help on a Windows OS on your iPhone and can reply to customers at anytime wherever you are.

[url]- YouTube

I so wish I had one

It a fake slideshow

Yep, pages load way too fast. However, I still wish I had an iPhone.

Dang, I thought I finally found how to run Live Chat on a mobile! :slight_smile:

may be some day soon.

mdekok, if you want an iphone, just wait until the new iphone G3 starts selling, you will see a big price drop in the first generation iphones.

Sorry, there’s no way the iPhone can run parallels. The iPhone would need a pretty hefty intel or x86 processor, and if it had one, the battery life would last about 10 minutes. Currently the iPhone has a custom ARM processor at 620mHz. Although the intel atom processor could theoretically be in the iPhone one day.

Doesn’t look likely for the future, but I use my iPhone for administering my store (when i’m on the go) using mobile safari. A big downfall with this method (other than the screen size) is that safari doesn’t load fckeditor.

I’m a noob iPhone developer, and I think it would be awesome to make some CS-Cart apps ready for the app store! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


cheebs, make them applications! :slight_smile: It would be so nice to have a CS-cart application on the iPhone, although the main benefit for me would have been to be able to chat with cutomers on the go.

So I am not sure what useful features to include other that that, if you were to make an application, what would you include? Here is an obvious one: A push sales notification.