Run Cron Jobs Manually?

I am looking at an addon, and it states it requires a cron job. Is this something that I could just run manually whenever I wish? Or do I need a paid service, such as


Usually you can just run corresponding URL in the browser. For example, in the Data Feeds module the following command is used to run the script according to schedule:

php /path/to/cart/admin.php --dispatch=exim.cron_export --cron_password=MYPASS

To run it manually, you can use the following URL in your browser

Okie thanks for the info. Would say the Free or Starter pack on this site work for them?

Any reason you can't run cron jobs from your hosting account? A remote site would run through your webserver (I.e. Apache) which the cron-enabled PHP script may or may not like.


Please, pay attention to our Cs-Cart add-on "Cron Jobs".

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