RSS Feed - SEO

In (Professional and Ultimate) 3.0.4, I enabled the RSS Feed and checked the box for “Show RSS feed for each category”. Now the RSS icon appears next to Category names. Perfect.

Is this the only RSS feed that is enabled? Are there any more in the default install?

Furthermore, the RSS feed URL generated for a sample category is as follows:

I like my URL's to look pretty, not the ugly “index.php?dispatch…”, so tried to create an SEO Rule for Dispatch Value “rss.view” with SEO name “rss-feed”. However, it appears this cannot be created - no errors are shown, but the new SEO Rule I have attempted to create is not saved to the database.

Has anyone else come across this problem and found a solution?

Thanks in advance!

It being 2 different addons it probably does not have the hook it needs inside the RSS addon to make it SEO sexy.

2 different addons? Please explain…

RSS addon

SEO addon

Maybe SEO does all its fancy stuff first and then the RSS addon gets called after. Just a thought and was speaking out loud. I have not looked at the code at all but 1st thought would think that this is whats going on.