RSS feed of products?

Is RSS feed of products in CS-CART?

if not that is a great addition :slight_smile:

I get 1% of CS-Cart sales for that idea :wink:

Not yet.

And I had this in mind for a while. I also have another idea which would utilize RSS which is great, however none are supported yet.

just grab an easy xml/rss-script around and add a product-database-query.

have a look at this great script:


change it to your needs, add a nice rss-button et voila.

same goes for any other query of course zyles :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont see any reason for a product-rss feed, but good luck anyways :o)))

Thanks for some idea.

Promoting, links am I only one that cares about SEO? :wink: :slight_smile:

would be nice to have this as an extension addition

I think creating an rss feed should be fairly simple to do youself but it would be a nice feature to have by default.

Uses… Well I would use it to display product information on third party websites without having to manually update. Just think, you could set it up for say the last 10 products in a particular category. Then webmasters could add the feed to their site and vola, nice targeted traffic (providing you can find these webmasters!). It has practically endless uses.


not having looked… please forgive me if i am wrong…

but does Froogle not work i this way? Allowing you to supply a RSS list that it displays…

Therefore would it not be easier to modify this to your needs?

[quote name=‘nevsie’]not having looked… please forgive me if i am wrong…

but does Froogle not work i this way? Allowing you to supply a RSS list that it displays…

Therefore would it not be easier to modify this to your needs?[/QUOTE]

Froogle has limitations that being only allowing stores with a US Bank Account, inclusive of the U.K. shipping to the US. At the present moment I’ve since gave up on froogle. To answer your question however I’m unsure

Any ideas if this can be implemented?


[quote name=‘mastersales’]Any ideas if this can be implemented?[/QUOTE]

Yes it can. When someone has the time to devote doing it for free.

Don’t hold your breath though.

[quote name=‘Zyles’]Yes it can. When someone has the time to devote doing it for free.

Don’t hold your breath though.[/QUOTE]

I did my own very easy to do check it out

[quote name=‘avengermx’]I did my own very easy to do check it out[/QUOTE]

What is the sorting based on? Last edit?

Clicking on a headline in the feed redirects to mywebsite . com

Same here Zyles.

RSS clicked upon via FF2.0 returns nothing

Same here, it just returns an error…

I’ve been looking everywhere for a solution, and found one here.

I managed to make a RSS feed based on the table “cscart_product_descriptions” by using the script suggested on the link above. The problem is, the “$long_description” has a lot of HTML tags in it, so the PHP script ignores it completely and the XML file doesn’t get rendered right. If one keeps it simple, with the short description for instance (our short description doesn’t have HTML tags in it), then the XML gets done alright.

The other issue is that CS-Cart splits the information about products through a few tables in the database, so the PHP script that builds the XML would have to be a little more advanced if one intends to relate content from one table to the other by the product ID.

Only the information contained in the “cscart_product_descriptions” is not enough to present the products in a nice way, with prices, images, etc.

The only way to render the product information right would be to stripe the HTML tags from the “$long_description”, which is possible to do with PHP, but too far fetched for my PHP knowledge.

And last but not the least, our shop uses SEF URLs and parsing the right URLs to every product in a dynamic way seems impossible to me. But there HAS be a way around it too…

So, any suggestions? I think we can get it done, as it’s show it’s possible as long as one keeps it simple…

To use the solution proposed above, one will have to:

  1. Create a folder in the root of your domain to store all the files needed. I created one called “rss”

  2. Modify the PHP file with the details of your own server.

  3. Upload the PHP file to “rss” folder in your server. The name of the file is irrelevant, but you’ll have to point your browser to it to make it fetch data from your database and build the XML file.

  4. Create an empty text file and change its extension from “.txt” to “.xml”. Upload it to the same folder “rss” in your server. Change it’s permission (CHMOD) to 777. It has to be writable so PHP can write to it. Name it “rss.xml”.

  5. In the line 9 of your PHP file, make sure that the file it points to has the same name you gave to your XML file, in our example:

    $file = fopen(“rss.xml”, “w”);

    That’s all there is. As I mentioned in the previous post, the PHP can be picky about what it writes to the XML, because some fields in the database have a lot of HTML tags in them, which won’t be written to the XML file.

Yet another issue:


results in my rss.xml file as the PHP script fetches ALL the products from the database table, not only the ones in the front-end of the shop. That means that if you have several product options for one product, they won’t show as one product, but as many. That’s very annoying.

I don’t think CS-Cart was built with the slightest intention of allowing database fetching for easier integration with other systems, including the creation of XML files… too bad. i hope they have considered developing a RSS module with old versions legacy in mind…

I’m wondering if there’s a way to create an RSS feed for one category. We have a clearance area that would change enough to want to have something like this. Is this at all possible? All we’d need is {PRODUCT NAME} {DISCOUNTED PRICE}… something like that.

As long as the feed is based on fields that have no weird characters and is kept simple, it’s easy to have it up. But even then there will be issues, as I mentioned with cloned products, for instance.

anyone come up with another option for these feeds?

RSS Feeds with Product Images v2

RSS Feeds Ultimate v2

@Tom, seems that Feeds with Images has everything Ultimate does plus images. Just wanted to confirm that is the case (the name Ultimate becomes a little ironic in this case).