RRP Price in Grid View


Is there a way I can include the “RRP” price when I’m using “Grid” view?

At the moment it will only show the price I’m selling it at and only until you view the item will the customer relize the saving they are making.

My site is:


I really need to show the RRP above and to have the percentage or total saved would also be great to.

I’ve searched and searched but havent had any luck finding a solution for CS-Cart 2+


I’m not sure if this will work for you but it works for me.

{include file="views/products/components/buy_now.tpl" hide_wishlist_button=true hide_compare_list_button=true simple=true show_sku=false hide_add_to_cart_button=$hide_add_to_cart_button but_role="action"}

About line 44 in products_multicolumns.tpl