Royal Mail shipping


I know there are a couple of threads on this, but i find it still doesn’t work as it should do.

I set up these rules (see attachment) for the Special Delivery - [url][/url].

For some reason even if I add more products to my cart and exceed the 500g limit, it still only “costs” as much as for 100g.

Additionally, I’d like to add 100g for each packaging as a flat weight.

Did anyone get this to work?

royal mail.jpg

I have some Royal Mail set up on mine but not combined with Cost dependancies too. When I was testing mine I am sure I had to empty the basket and strt again to check it.

And also ckear your cahce after making changes just to be sure


So, you think what I put in should work?

As far as I am aware you can’t run both! Either weight or cost.

Yes it should work fine are you clearing your basket/cache and trying again after makng the changes?