RMA via paypal commerce - shipping costs


I set up PayPal Commerce - running in my Testsystem.

Everything works quite perfect except one problem: I need to trigger a return and paying back product price AND shipping cost - RMA of CS-Cart triggers only the refund of the product costs. They will built it in a future version but can’t wait that long.

Basically I need those cases:

A Buyer returns whole order: Refund with shipping costs

B Buyer returns only part of one order: Refund without shipping costs

I dond’t See it totally difficult. Basically I see two options to program it:

  1. Checkbox for every RMA request: with/without shipping cost

  2. Rules: Total return of a order: refund with shipping costs; part return of an order: refund without shipping costs

Did anyone already solve this so I don’t have to start from scratch?