Rma Refund Not Working As Expected


Just recently we encountered a huge issue in RMA (return / refund module). When a refund request is initiated and approved , Only products' actual price is returned to customer , the tax amount taken from customer is left to our payment account (we use stripe connect for our multivendor store).

For example if i purchase 3 pens of $1 each. my order total is $3. and 2% tax which will be $0.06. So customer pays $3.06 . But when a refund request is initiated by customer , he only gets $3 back.

Also if customer asks for a refund on a single pen , he should be getting $1.02 back.

How can we make a total refund including tax amount ?

Do anyone have solution to this ? or there is a better alternative to RMA on marketplace?

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I've been trying to figure this out as well. Can anyone answer this?

Same, this isn't working as expected. Any updates on how to fix this or is there a configuration I am missing to account for taxes in the return process?