RMA not sending any notification

Hi, Its been a couple days of trying to customize my RMA notifications with no avail.
First, there is only like 2 templates, one for Vendors and one for Customers while I need 8 (4 for vendors, 4 for customers)
But the main problem right now is that my notifications are not sending properly.
I setted up an API end point in the addon so I can create RMA requests front my FRont-End, and I call fn_rma_send_notification($return_info, $order_info, true) and then change it manually in Admin panel

The thing is, I dont get any notifications, but I get notifications when changing Order statuses and such. I cant seem to pinpoint the problem, any help is appreciated.


Does the $return_info variable contain the ['status'] array element, with the status ID?

Hi, thanks for answering. We ended up solving it by modifying the schema a bit.

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