RMA Bug?

[color=#555555][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]Does the RMA function work properly in CS 3.0.2? I created an order for a product that was marked complete and shipped more than a week ago that has a product that only allows it to be returned within two days.[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#555555][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]But today I can login as the customer and still register a return.[/size][/font][/color]

I just discovered the same problem.

Orders shipped today can be returned, but no new orders that have been created since v3 was installed have a Returns option available.

Some orders that were place with version 2.2.4 are still able to be returned (I have a 30 day return policy), but not one order since v3.

This is really bad for me.

If I was you I would ask support from help if they can make you a quick fix to fix existing orders. It's not impossible to do if you know and understand php you. Could do it yourself

The Return Period for each item in an order is stored In the database table “cscart_order_details”, in an array in the 'extra' field.

In new v3 orders I find this:


s:4:“step”;s:1:“1”;s:15:“product_options”;a:0:{}s:18:“unlimited_download”;s:1:“N”;s:13:“return_period”;b:1;s:11:“points_info”;a:3:{s:9:“raw_price”;d:319.6000000000000227373675443232059478759765625;s:5:“price”;d:320;s:6:“reward”;d:16;}s:7:“product”;s:32:“Olives Queen Size”;s:10:“company_id”;i:0;s:6:“is_edp”;s:1:“N”;s:12:“edp_shipping”;s:1:“N”;s:8:“discount”;i:0;s:10:“base_price”;d:7.9900000000000002131628207280300557613372802734375;s:12:“stored_price”;s:1:“N”;}

In older orders (pre v3) I find this:

a:8:{s:18:“unlimited_download”;s:1:“N”;s:13:“return_period”;s:2:“30”;s:11:“points_info”;a:3:{s:9:“raw_price”;s:6:“4499.5”;s:5:“price”;s:4:“4500”;s:6:“reward”;s:3:“180”;}s:7:“product”;s:53:“Convertible Break-Down Wand | Mayan Bloodwood & Ebony”;s:6:“is_edp”;s:1:“N”;s:12:“edp_shipping”;s:1:“N”;s:10:“base_price”;s:5:“89.99”;s:12:“stored_price”;s:1:“N”;}

If I change the value after the “return period” from ' b:1; ' to ' s:2:“30”; ' my customers are able to request a return for that item - I have to find the script where this is being written into the order details data.

BUT, like you, the return period is available longer than my defined '30' days - that's a different bug all together.

Are you saying that CS-Cart support fixed this problem for you? I reported it as a bug yesterday in the Bug Tracker.

Yes they fixed from help desk.