RMA and packing slip

I am working to setup the RMA and I noticed couple of things. I noticed that when a customer request a return automatically in the email that is sent out there is also the packing slip. Is there a way to send out just the email and not the packing slip? After all why sending the packing slip right away, when we do not even know if the return will be approved?

Another thing is, in the admin section under the return actions, I only see refund or exchange for the same item. There is no button to add more. I was thinking what if you want to add the action “store credit”? How can I add more actions to return section?

How are you handling your returns?

Your first question is a matter of company policy:

IF you offer a return period for a product, and the customer Requests the Return, they SHOULD get the Packing Slip and instructions on how to send the product back to you. Approval comes AFTER you have received it back and inspected it. You then can either Approve the return or Decline the return.

There should NEVER be a case when you Decline a Return just because it was Requested, instead make the product non-returnable, or shorten the return period.

Your second question is true. I added Receive a Store Credit to my list of RMA Actions - and made it default.

I had to do this directly in the database table, there is no ADD button to add an RMA Action.

You CAN Add Reason to the list of RMA Reasons - then log into your database and change the TYPE from R to A. This makes it very easy to do.

The database tables that need updated are cscart_rma_properties and cscart_rma_property_description.

Thank you for the useful information about the database Magpie Don

I will look into it.