Rma Add-On Integration

Now that I have my point of sale running smoothly with 4.3.6 REST API, I have turned to the next part of the project, returns. I have isolated the data needed to insert the RMA into CS Cart. Two returns tables are easy inserts, the third change is my problem. The RMA system updates a BLOB field in order_details. The problem is my POS integration does not work with blobs fields in ODBC. I am waiting on a price from Simtech to add RMAs to the API but looking at other options as well. Anyone ever tamper with the database field types in CS Cart? Since the blob has text, could I change it to a text or varchar? I did a view with a cast to text (1000) and it allows me to see it in the POS but I cannot update it since it is through the view. Anyone every deal with anything like this?