Rich Snippet


i have problem with rich snippet.

On v3 all worked, then i've passed to v4 and all stop working.

I put also addon SEO Ultimate: Canonical URL + Google Rich Snippets + SEO Name History (cartrock)

without result

I think problem is in the code, even breadcrumb is not working.

This is my site:

i know, seems all ok but???

and this is competitor site:

Someone can help to restore what i had for years? I dont think is just google not showing the result, is a code problem

Thank you

Usually such issues are caused by 3rd party themes. E.g. theme files override hooks which are used by built-in modules. In this case default code is not shown. But it is just an assumption, it is required to examine issue on your server

You can take a look at Custom Dynamic Search Engine Optimization (CDSEO) add-on and verify the structured data from the live demo.