Rich Snippet Problem


4.2.1 here and I noticed in google webmaster tools I have 634 rich snippet errors on 690 products submitted. It doesn't tell me the problem… it does have the brand and model number column as blank. Could it be that those 634 items dont have reviews?

Any help is appreciated!


I see the following html code in your product page:

The code states there is an offer, but there is none.

The same for ratings.

I'm also not sure that the implementation of the instock schema is correct because the html states the item is in stock but the page does not.

Another issue could be that some pages implement rich snippets, but others do not. For example your category pages list image, name, currency, price without rich snippets while the product pages have rich snippets for these values.

Go here to see another issue:…i-swimwear.html

The product description text is full of html. Google apparently sees this html as text which will dilute your search engine ranking.

For example:


Black Crown by Maaji Swimwear: Part of the Ride At Night group. A lightweight, super soft swim material dress. ;