Rewrites For Vendor Product Pages

We're running MV4.02.

When you enable the SEO Add-on it rewrites the paths to the vendor profile pages in this structure:

This is a clean way to link customers directly to our vendor's profiles, like this:

It would also be nice to be able to do the same for vendor's product collections. We've already created links off the the vendor profiles that direct customers to a custom page that show only that vendors products. Here's that path for the example above:

Our vendors would like to promote their product collections, so ideally we would like to create a function that takes the search query path above and rewrites it in a format similar to the SEO add-on:

We tried to adapt the function that creates the simple path to the vendor profile, but it appears to leave out the paging functions, so vendor product collections that are larger than the default pull are impossible to reach.

Any ideas?