Rewitebase Issue - Can't View Products


Just installed my first CS Cart on my local XAMPP PC and the installation went great until I clicked on any product or any menu item at which point it redirected back to the home page of my MAIN website (not the stores)

To explain further I have a main (developing) website in localhost/xyzfolder/ and there is going to be a menu link to the On-LINE SHOP which is going to be CS cart. I have installed CS Cart in a subfolder called localhost/xyzfolder/store/.

In my .htaccess file in the main folder there is a statement;

RewriteBase /xyzfolder/

when I change this to;

RewriteBase /xyzfolder/store

Everything works OK for the store at that point but my main website doesn't work of course.

Would someone please let me know what I need to do so both the MAIN website and the STORE gets redirected to the respective folders. Any help would be appreciated.


Have a look in config.local.php and see the store path also has correct destintation

Thanks johnbol1

The issue was in the carts .htaccess file. I had to unrem the RewriteBase statement like this to allow the store to redirect to the correct folder.

RewriteBase /xyzfolder/store/

Now on to learning CS-Cart. :)