Reward Points Tax / VAT Calculation Error


We are using V2.1.4 and just decided to use the Reward Point add-on. The issue we have is that the tax calculation is incorrect in that the monetary value is deducted from the total cost after tax has been added. This means that the customer gets over-charged and we get an incorrect allocation of VAT when we export the sales figures.

Example: Without reward points: Subtotal £8.00, Shipping £2.46, giving Taxes of £2.09 (20%) and a Total cost of £12.55

Example with reward points: Subtotal £8.00, points £2.50, Shipping £2.46, giving taxes of £2.09 and a total cost of £10.05

The example with reward points should have been £8.00 less £2.50 plus £2.46, giving taxes of £1.59 and a total cost of £9.55.

I have raised it with support and they advised that the way it currently works is correct and if I want it to work my way then I will have to pay to have it changed as part of their custom software. I am not happy about having to pay for custom work where in my view it is to sort out software mistakes.

Does anyone have an easy fix that I could try?



this is a known bug that's been fixed in the 3 branch). cs-cart did not want to fix it for the 2 branch. Please see http://forum.cs-cart…ts-tax-problem/

Thanks for the reply Flow. Very frustrating indeed and how Support can hind behind the statement of that it is “how the Reward Points addon works” fails me. We are also in the position of having a customised site which precludes upgrading at this time at least until a newer version has something to entice us. We stopped at 2.1.4 as we did not care for the Admin design from 2.2.1.

I am not paying CS Cart to fix it but as we would like to use this addon, anyone have any recommendations of who could fix it? Google came up with Seonid for custom development, anyone had any expereince of this company for custom work?

Seonid is good. So is Alt-team, cscartrocks, ez-ms (Tony here on the forum) and so on. I was quoted something around $250 if I remember correctly, which - because I am planning to move the the 3 branch - I did not do.

Excellent, I will check them all out as I also have quite a list of custom work that has accumulated during the past year.



also i need fix for 2x :( i have a lot of custom modification i cant go to 3x version. pelase anyone help for fix

Just to close this out, Alt-Team fixed this bug for us for version 2.1.4 as part of some other custom work they carried out.