reward points / redeem points questions

I understand how to set point value to a product…however, given the following scenerio… let’s say for every dollar spent…5 points are added to the customers account

product A has a value of 50 dollars and a point value of 250 points

product B has a value of 30 dollars and a point value of 150 points

how as an admin do we determine a threshold for points redeemed? i have looked at all the forums and user manual…i can’t find how a customer redeems and what limits/threshold they need to meet inorder to redeem points for a product…

the above example: in our store…we would want the customer that purchased product A not to be able to redeem the points for another product A until they have reached 1000 points… so a point value redeem thresholdneeds to be set for product A at 1000 points…(basically a 4 to 1 ratio) if u buy 4 product A’s you will have enough points for a free product A… however, if they buy product B or even a combination of product A and B…they would still need to accumulate 1000 points to exchange a product A…product B could be exchanged at 600 points… how do we set those limits while giving the right points to the products?