Reward Points: Override global/category point value -- can it be done for multiple products

I am using cs-cart version 3.

What I would like to do is override the reward point value for a large subset of products in my store – actually I would like to set the reward point value to 0 for a subset of my products; there is a global points earned value associated with the remainder of my products.

The problem I am having is that I do not seem able to do this in a multiple-product way. It works fine for individual products, one-at-a-time, i.e., if I go into an 'Editing Product' page for an individual product, check the 'override global/category' box, set the 'Amount' to 0 and save, then that product no longer shows that one earns rewards points by purchasing it. On the other hand, if I check a group of products, then choose 'Edit Selected' from the 'Choose Action' menu, edit the 'override global/category', setting the 'Amount' to 0 for all of these products, then this does not actually have the desired effect – customers will still see that they will earn points for these products. If I go into the 'Editing Product' page for any of these products, then the 'Reward points' section looks as expected, i.e. the 'override global/category' box is checked and the 'Amount's are all set to 0, but for some reason these values are not actually applied unless I click 'Save'. After clicking 'Save' the customer no longer sees the points earned by purchasing the product, but of course, only for that one particular product.

So even after editing the large group of products to have 0 points associated with them, I still need to go into each individual product and click 'Save' to actually have this applied. This does not seem right – why can't the 'override global/category' setting be successfully altered for multiple products at a time? If I export the data after doing the edit for multiple products, then the 'Override exchange rate' field for these products is set to 'Y', as expected.

Given that, I would speculate that the problem is in the actual setting of the 'Amount' field (i.e. the amount of points to be awarded per product) to 0 in each case. There doesn't seem to be an available field to edit these amounts for multiple products – could anyway advise me as to how I can set the 'Amount' field (i.e. relating to the 'Points earned per product') for multiple products at the same time – or some other way in which I can set the rewarded points to 0 for a large group of products at the same time?