Reward points for free items. Is this possible?

So we are going to start a rewards points program on our website.

But instead of accumulating currency we would like to set up something like if a customer earns 100 points they get a free hat, or 200 points they can get a t-shirt.

How can I set up this to just accumulate points but not into currency?

This is the same with points only product feature/mod.

[quote name='cartfix' timestamp='1368562586' post='161787']

This is the same with points only product feature/mod.


Where do I change this at?

I've looked under the addon by clicking edit and also under Products> Reward Points.

Can you tell me where to change this at and set these options?

Also I just figured out how to apply points to an order or towards an item.

Do you actually have to go to each product on the admin side and specify that it can be purchased by points?

Anyway I can have the products show for points only and hide the prices?

And also, on a product that can be purchased with points, it also shows that if they use points to purchase that item, it also gives them more points.

How can I set this so if they purchase an item with points, that they don't earn points as well?

I dont want to give a customer free points for a free item.