Reward Points (Active On 1 Store Front And In-Active On A 2Nd Store Front - Possible?)


Is it possible to have reward points active on 1 store front but in-active on another store front?

Basically we want:

​Store A - Can't collect and can't use points

Store B - Can collect and can use points

But at the moment, we can't see any way of making this work other than:

Store A - Setting points earned to 0 (meaning no one can accumulate points)

However the problem with this method is that each product on the product page and checkout mentions "Price in points" which doesn't make sense for users if a point system is not in use.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


If a product has 0 points then there is no information about "Price in points" on product page and checkout by default. What template do you use? Also please specify your domain name.

Thanks for the reply - the product has to have a point value (for purchasing) so that Store B can purchase it meaning that even in Store A (where people can't earn points) the text that reads price in points is displayed (which is the issue).

For the site we are working on we are using a modified version of the bundled responsive theme.

As for domain name the site isn't live yet (as it's in development), however if any admins wish to PM us for the licensed domain info we will supply it (just so you know we're working with a licensed version of the software)


I am afraid, modules cannot have different settings per store

I suppose I will have to hide the reward point information via CSS on the one store then (seems the best option) thanks for your help.