Revolution Slider

There is now a really nice visual editor for the Revolution Slider at I'm trying to get it to work with my cart.

I have the editor set up at

I build my slider and now I'm trying to integrate it. The way it is supposed to be integrated is with:

To include slider embed library use this code:

To add CSS and JS libraries to html header use this code:

To insert slider to your page use this code:

Ideally I'd make this an addon or make it part of the my_changes addon. The problem is that I don't know how to put the PHP code into the cart.

I'm only going to have this on the homepage, so I don't really want to call this up on every page.

It would be cool if I could just toss this all into a block to put on the homepage, but I also don't know how to do the PHP code within a Smarty block.

Obviously I could just export the slider and then use the html to put into my block, but it would be way cooler to just be able to use this the way it is supposed to be used.

Anyone have any ideas?



I wanted a Revolution Slider so bad for my CS-Cart store that I bought the BUY SHOP theme, which had it included, just so I could get the banner slider. I was able to use the Revolution Slider from that theme in my default theme after tinkering with it. It was a hassle to do because the BUY SHOP theme had been written based on CS-Cart's Basic theme (which wasn't even installed in v4). But all the parts were there and it works, and it's responsive.

Their Revolution Slider for CS-Cart has a Parallax option which was what I wanted.

If some smart developer wrote a Parallax/Revolution slider as an addon for CS-Cart I would buy it. The BUY SHOP version does not use a visual editor.