Reviews By Email

EZ Merchant Solutions is pleased to announce a new template (and server-side support) for your clients to submit reviews directly from email. In addition, all reviews are submitted at once making it much easier for your customers to submit reivews.

The new “review_products” template allows you to configure most all elements of the template from the addon settings. If a coupon code is configured, then text offering them a discount on future purchases using the coupon code is enabled. There are also settings for the discount amount of the coupon as well as any minimum purchase requirements.

This template is now part of our EZ Auto Mail addon. Detailed documentation can be found here.

Email clients vary in the extent of form submission support they offer. A direct link to the Reviews section of each product is also provided if the client cannot submit the form properly. The customer will see an error message indicating that some elements are missing or that their email client does not properly support form submission and suggests using the direct link instead.

Note that existing clients will have to save their current addon settings (events are preserved as well as already queued messages), uninstall and install the product for the new “Template settings” tab to appear in the addon settings. Hopefully cs-cart will address this issue in the future so additions can be made to an exiisting addon without the need to uninstall/install.

There are 3 different “rating selectors” supported. These are:

Select - a normal drop-down selector

Stars - graphic stars as radio buttons

Radios - normal radio buttons

In our experience the most appealing display is the “stars” setting (default) but the one that works in the most email clients is the “Select” option.

An example of the distributed email template that your clients might see is attached.


Great idea.

I reinstated and registered the serial number. I now see the extra tab, but if I leave the discount code blank, I'm still seeing the language for giving the discount coupon code.

I also want to change the text. I tired cutting and pasting it from the old template tot he new, but now all I see is the new language and not the email ability.

Tried clearing caches, made no difference.


Are you using the new review template? I did not modify the older order_placed template to be dependent upon the coupon code for compatibility reasons. When I remove the coupon code, any 'preview' of a queued email for the order_review_products template does NOT show the discount text. So not sure we're on the same page.

Regarding changes… Suggest you copy the 'template' and 'template_sub' templates to a new name and then edit the newly named template. The text is pretty straightforward and language variables are only used for product data and other DB related items. The goal in NOT using language variables for the text was to make it easier for merchants to craft the emails they want to send in the various languages they want to support.

Please send us an email and we'll be happy to address any issues that might exist.