Return requests on the front page?


As per subject - all I need is for the “Return requests” listing to show up on the home Admin page instead of clicking twice to get there. And I don’t need “Last comments and reviews” there. How to modify it please? Thank you.

Forgot to say, it’s for 2.0.4. Thanks.

I put a link to the Return Requests in the statistics.tpl because I’ve done some major customization to this page it’s the logical place.

Here’s the link:

Whoops! forgot the “Last comments and reviews”…simply comment it out in the YOUR_SKIN/admin/statistics_pages/statistics.tpl

*note the asterics

{if $settings.Addons.discussion == ‘Y’}

{include file=“addons/discussion/statistics.tpl”}


one day, I will sell my car and will pay you back… one day :wink:


Before you do that I noticed a small mistake in my first posting concerning the link to Return Requests…I left out the right “}”





Hope it didn’t cause you any distress. :cool:

Oh yeah, you can keep the car. I’d hate to be the one responsible for you having to bicycle all over the place.