Return Category Pages When You Search


Lets say I have a category named “GPS” and i have the category page all done up with pictures using the description block within that category. Now lets say I go to make a search for “GPS”. Instead of it coming up with products, it returns the category page where ive made it all fancy.

I would like this for specific keywords only. So if the customer searches “tomtom gps” it won't return a page, but if they search plain old “gps” then it will return that category page. Any tips, tricks, or ideas?

You can alter the “weight” of a result in the search results by adding specific keywords under “Search Words”.

Last time I checked - and not sure if it's been fixed since - but values in the search words would only come up in search results when the phrase is typed exactly, eg. a product with a search word “blue tshirt” will only show up if the user searches for “blue tshirt” - not if the user searches for “blue” or “tshirt” or even “blue large tshirt”. This oversight may actually help you in a way as you could define “tomtom gps” as a search word for the product(s) and simply “gps” for the category search words.