Result with CS-Cart

I would first like to say thank you to the CS-Cart staff and the forum members.

I just recently switched over from Zen-Cart, I used Zen Cart for about 2 years but had to switch because the software was missing some key elements.

I would like to know what type of success people are having with this software such as search engine listed and sales.

One of the key reason I left zen was the check it was to many steps and customer was not able to purchase without creating an account.


One site that i created for a client was using x-cart and i set up haveamint software to track the SEO of it. We resently just switched to cs cart and so far have had some hits from search engines. If you like to see some result head over to [url][/url] and go to the bottom to “Searches” and you will see hits from search engines.

I tried to look at [url][/url] but I get and error message.

That software looks quite interesting… I’ve bookmarked it and will take a close look when I’m nearer to launching my site.

By the way your mint page worked for me fine.

[quote name=‘shazer7’]I tried to look at [url][/url] but I get and error message.[/QUOTE]

so did i. i am interested i that

I like mint so much we got it lol it works well was looking for something that showed most looked Products.

And just summit your site to MSN ,Google , Yahoo . The search engines scann CS-Cart fine We use a Site map generator for google witch really does well

From Here [url][/url] use the demo Maximum 500 pages.

we brought the full version.