Restrict shipping to Billing Address


I can not seem to see an option for not allowing ship to a different address at check-out.

Most Credit Card companies and PayPal only offer seller protection if the purchase is shipped to the Confirmed Address. This is the Billing Address.

Where do I make this change to delete the Ship to A Different Address option?

i.e. Make the Billing Address the Shipping address with no other option.


Not to tell you how to run your business or anything, but I hate it when stores do this. Best Buy and Microsoft does this. It’s a real pain in the rear for people like me. In my county there is no postal delivery, everyone has PO Boxes. So that means that my house doesn’t exist. Since my house doesn’t exist I can’t receive shipments from places that only ship to confimed addresses.

Best Buy and Microsoft both flat out refuse to ship things to me. I complained and told them that their policies exclude my entire county (about 16,000 people), but neither cared. So I don’t purchase or get any support from Microsoft and I only purchase from Best Buy stores.

Sorry about the long post, but the point is, if you limit your shipping to only confirmed addresses you take a chance on eliminating customers like me.

If you still want to restrict people you can edit:


Comment out or remove:

{if $profile_fields.S}
{if $cart.ship_to_another}
{include file="views/profiles/components/step_profile_fields.tpl" section="S" text=$lang.shipping_address}




{if $profile_fields.S}
{include file="common_templates/subheader.tpl" title=$lang.shipping_address}
{include file="views/profiles/components/profile_fields.tpl" section="S" nothing_extra="Y" body_id="sa" shipping_flag=$profile_fields|fn_compare_shipping_billing ship_to_another=$cart.ship_to_another}

Hope that helps,



Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I Understand your point. We are in Canada and have never had an issue shipping within our Boarders. However, we have been hit several times when shipping to the USA. Credit Card fraud is not as big a problem in Canada. We have lost several hundred dollars over the last few months. Our Credit Card processor covers us 100% when we ship to a Confirmed Address even if it turns out to be fraudulent.

I will hold off based on your input and see if our new credit card provider will have better fraud filters.

We do not want to exclude the good just because of a bad few.

Thank you for your solution, we will try not to use it :wink:


I can definitely understand your concern if you’ve lost a bunch of money. I know it wouldn’t take much for me to look for solutions as well.

I don’t really know if it would be possible, but it would be cool if you could have the customer enter in their address and if it came back that it wasn’t confirmed than maybe you could have them go to a screen to enter in a “gift” address. You could also go a step further and have a message stating that since their address wasn’t confimed that you would call or email them to confirm their address. Obviously this might be more work for you, but it would make it so that it would better protect you while allowing people like myself to purchase from your site.

Along with the above solution you could also put a statement in the address portion of the checkout stating that you only ship to the address that matches the card and if the customer enters in a different address than a phone call or email will be sent confirming the purchase and address.

Nothing is perfect I guess, I just know that I don’t want to limit myself to fewer customers than I need to.

As for the phone call or email, it’s one thing to fill out a form and press “checkout” and it’s another thing to actually pick up a phone and lie. The same goes for email. You’re going to have a pretty good idea if the purchase is real or not just by the response. Along with the reply, it will probably take a day or so for someone to respond so it is one more day for the credit card to “make it” if it is stolen.

Anyways, just some thoughts.


WUAP - did you manage to get this to work?

it seems that brandonvd’s tip is the same as just editing the profile fields under USERS tab.

I too want to restrict shipping to billing address, but it seems you need to have a shipping address (something at least populated in cscart_user_profiles.s_XXX) otherwise CS-cart will not show any shipping methods/options. OR if you have a default address under “admin → settings” then shipping methods/options is based on the default address. Not great if your default address is London, UK (which might have low or free delivery) and want to ship something to Australia which costs a lot to post/ship

Hi tulan,

We did not end up putting this into practice, so we have not tried brandonvd’s instructions. What you are saying makes sence, to me this is a flaw in the cart. There are certainly a few bugs in CS-Cart, but it’s competitors are not perfect either.

Good luck with finding a solution.


Bump because this fix worked for me and was helpful! :smiley:

If you want to REALLY remove the second address, you should also remove it from the registration and profile pages.

To do this, edit the file:


Find the following line and either remove it or comment it out:

{include file="views/profiles/components/profile_fields.tpl" section=$sec_section body_id=$body_id ship_to_another="Y" title=$sec_section_text address_flag=true ship_to_another=$ship_to_another}

There you go, now you’ll never see two addresses anywhere in the user profile :slight_smile:


you can comment stuff from the templates without removing them:


{some template code}

commented out looks looks like this:

{* some template code *}

oh, I forgot to mention the emails, you can also remove the second address from the automated emails by editing the file:


Replace the line

{if $profile_fields.S}


{if 0==1 && $profile_fields.S}


here I’ve used another method of commenting out template code. You can just make the IF statement to always fail (0 is equal to 1) and thus it will never display the second address fields. Of course you can remove the whole block or use the asterisks to comment it out like I mentioned above.