Restrict Payment Method

Hi all!

I want to restrict the payment method with payment processor "Stripe connect" to a certain product only (or at least to a certain category). Also a certain vendor would be okay.

Is that possible to do (out-of-the-box)?

Documentation ( says there is a field "Payment category", but in my case this field is not available.

Looking forward to your answer.

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This field is not linked with product categories and was removed recently

It is not possible to solve your problem out of the box. But you can find solutions on the marketplace

Thank you, eComLabs!

Also a certain vendor would be okay.

Just an update for those who are interested in this topic:

With version 4.12.2 it is now possible to assign a certain payment method to a certain shipping method (which is defined for a certain vendor).

To do so, you have to activate the new "Payment dependencies" add-on. More info:

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