Rest api for getting users

I was wondering if i can use the rest api request ‘api/users’ to get the users that have registered after a specific time period (timestamp) , instead of getting all the users that have registered in the cs-cart store. Also I want to ask if we can sort the users that are sent with the ‘api/users’ based on their timestamp.



This is not possible in the default CS-Cart. However, you can implement such a filter yourself. Use the get_users hook and add the processing of the new parameter from the $params array so that it adds the new condition to the $condition to check the ?:users.timestamp field during users selection.

So there isn’t any parameter just like the ones that exist in the order api requests( updated_at_from updated_at_to)?

@vchan We are able to help you in this regards, please send as a PM

I am afraid, but there is no such parameter by default. You can view the timestamp, but you cannot use it as the condition.

Ok thank you very much. I have one more question. Is there a way to see if a user is subscribed by using the api/users request.

You’re welcome.

No, I am afraid there is no such default API entity, that could provide you with such an information.