Responsive Pop Up Layer Add-On With Many Features

We just release a add-on to the public which we are using for our clients for quite a while.

Pop Up Layer Add-on for CS- Cart

Always wanted to have a pop up layer (light box window) appear when customers enter or exit your web site? This versatile add-on allows you to show specials, sign up form or pretty much whatever your heart contents or better fits in the design area. Use HTML or the WYSWIG editor

CS Cart Pop Up Layer Features:[list]

[]Have multiple pop up layers and enable and disable as required

]Determine when to show pop up (after page load or on exit)

[]Determine pup up window delay (in seconds)

]Responsive implementation

[]Determine reoccurrence (choose from 10 options how often the pop up will show for a customer)

]Choose a clear or greyed out light box background

[]Choose the position (left, centre, right)

]Determine where to show the pop up only on home page or on all pages

[]Determine pop up width and heights

]Determine whether pop up area is scrollable

[*]Display a Title or not



[url=“PopUpLayer Add-On for CS Cart - YouTube”]PopUpLayer Add-On for CS Cart - YouTube

It is availabel here:


Please direct any enquiries via our web site as we dont always check the forum.