reset my admin password and now caos

Hi all

Have I open a can of worm here or what?

After resetting my admin password and getting the new confirmation email link, that takes me to my admin details ready for me to change to a new password and then save all.

Now every thing seems to be fine until I have to refresh the page in that case it takes me back to a new login screen.

I have spend more than 2 hours trying to login unsuccessfully with my new password and admin login in this fashion.

email : admin

password : ******* ← my new password i created earlier.

two hours trying one way trying another way nothing until I thought why not use my email

in this case we have:

email : “email][/email”

password : ******* <-same as above

Guess what it works!

But why? to my understanding it shouldn’t work because I have checked my database in PHPMyadmin and the login name is : admin

I am confuse tired and with a few more gray hairs about this.

Can someone enlightened me on this please.

cs-cart was worth every single cent that I paid for but sometimes we need to make even better than the rest.

I appreciate you help in this matter.

Sounds like you checked “User e-mail is used as login” in General settings.


Thank you, Thank you soooooooo much jobsales

I love this, it work like a charm.

Thank you