Resellers And Multivendor


I am curious if I should be looking at multivendor for our website. We have a number of resellers who sell our products across the country and I would like to allow them access to our backend to download pricelists and other reseller branded material.

Part of me thinks that I should be looking at multivendor, but I also think this could be overkill as I don't want the resellers to run their own website, just to be able to access a subset of the backend data and be able to use a quote addon that I have already written, so that they can generate reseller branded quotes in our backend that only they can see.

I think I can achieve all of this through cscart usergroups... but I haven't played with this side of things with CS-CART before, so I am a little unsure.

My current thoughts are to develop an addon for this rather than doing a conversion to multivendor - I don't even know if multivendor allows for the things I have described above.

Without me spending hours trialling multivendor, does anyone have any recommendations on how to tackle this?